Meet the Staff: CEO


Autumn is a season of change. Children are in new grades and new Girl Scout levels, adjusting to new teachers, leaders, friends, and routines. The air is turning crisper, slowly but surely here in southern Indiana, and the leaves are turning from green to brilliant gold and brown before drifting to the ground.

There are also changes going on here at GSSI. We have had an exciting two weeks welcoming Aimee Stachura, our new CEO!

Although she is new to the CEO position, Aimee is not a newcomer to Girl Scouts. Her Girl Scout journey began in Evansville when she was in elementary school. Aimee was a proud member of a west side Girl Scout troop, and she still has her sash and membership card! In 2010 she found herself back at GSSI in the program department. In 2012 she became the Senior Director of Membership, Volunteerism, and Program.

Whether with Girl Scouts or in other capacities, working with youth has always been a major part of Aimee’s life. From 2014 – 2016, she served as Director of Children’s Ministry at First Christian Church in Evansville. She also has a passion for theater and has directed several EVSC theater departments including Reitz High School, North High School, and Thompkins Middle School.

“As a young woman, it’s so important to have positive female mentors who model behaviors, relationship skills, and careers that you can emulate,” Aimee said. As the mother of two young daughters, the importance of a strong, positive foundation for girls is personally important to her. “Girl Scouts offers a unique, girl-led environment where girls can discover more about themselves, what they stand for, and what they love to do. If every girl had a positive mentor, a strong group of peers, and the resources to take action in her community, imagine what the world would look like!”

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Meet the Staff: Director of Accounting and Human Resources, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Chief Operating Officer


All girls are different. Some have a flair for singing, some love baking tasty treats for others, some are happiest on the soccer field, and some have a passion for robotics. At Girl Scouts, those differences are celebrated. Girls may have different skills, but they can all work together to make the world a better place.

That is also the case with GSSI staffers Jessica, Madalyn, and Lucy. As the Director of Accounting and Human Resources, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Chief Operating Officer, all three have different responsibilities. However, they all work toward the common goal of giving our girls, volunteers, and families the best possible Girl Scout experiences!

As the Director of Accounting and Human Resources, Jessica is responsible for preparing the annual budget, providing monthly financial reports to the corporation’s departments and board of directors, processing accounts payable, reviewing and revising policies and procedures, and providing new employee orientation.  Jessica said, “My favorite Girl Scout memory was working directly with the volunteers and girls. Watching the leadership skills the girls  have developed over the past six years has been amazing!”

Madalyn, Director of Marketing and Communications, is also passionate about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. “Girl Scouts challenged me,” Madalyn said, “and I have seen so many girls get opportunities to try new things because of Girl Scouts.” She loves to share those opportunities through publications, social media, newsletters, the website, and media outlets.

Chief Operating Officer Lucy credits much of  her professional success to her Girl Scout experience. “I was a Girl Scout throughout my school years,” Lucy said. “My favorite memories are always of camp. I went for two weeks every summer.” Lucy is also a proud recipient of the Gold Award, which was called First Class when she earned it.

Although their jobs are different, Jessica, Madalyn, and Lucy all are happy to serve the volunteers, families,  and girls here at GSSI!

With questions, please contact, or 812-421-4970.

Meet the Staff: Fund Development


One day they may be working with other local businesses to organize a GSSI golf outing. The next day they could be earning badges with our donors at Night of Adventure, and the next they could be grilling hot dogs at the Camp Koch Open House. One thing is certain – it is never boring in the fund development department, and it is all for the girls!

Chief Development Officer Pat and Corporate and Foundation Giving Coordinator Lesley both have strong roots with Girl Scouts, and now they work hard to fund many programs and opportunities for the girls. Some examples include Camp Koch renovations, STEM programs, the Achieve troop, Realityapolis, Scouterships, and more!

Both Pat and Lesley joined Girl Scouts as Brownies, and they want today’s Girl Scouts to have the incredible experiences they had. Lesley remembers spending the night in the Evansville Museum with her Brownie troop, and Pat has many fond memories of selling cookies and singing camp songs at Camp Koch.

To keep those experiences and more going, Pat and Lesley work on grants, fundraising, donor relationships, and events. They are always looking forward to what Girl Scouts can explore and achieve next!

With questions, contact, or 812-421-4970.

Meet the Staff: Program


Here at Girl Scouts, everything we do is for the girls – and no one understands that better than the Program Department!

Director of Program Development Kara and Program Development Specialist Clay are excited to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to today’s Girl Scouts – and they know that today’s girls are more adventurous than ever before!

While Kara’s responsibilities include community partner programs, troop programs, events, camp, and awards, her favorite Girl Scout memories are chaperoning the 2015 Europe trip and the 2012 Girls’ World Forum in Chicago. By expanding travel opportunities to include Spain in 2018 and Australia in 2019, she is hoping to encourage girls to be global citizens!

Clay also understands that all girls are different, and that is why he is devoted to Alternative Program Development, or programs that are not troop related. He reaches out to girls through after school programs, summer outreach programs, Realityapolis, a financial literacy program, and Achieve, a troop for girls on the autism spectrum.

“My favorite memories of my time with Girl Scouts have been working with local community centers and having kids recognize me in the outside world,” Clay said. “I always have kids running up to me in the store to say how much fun they have when we visit. It feels amazing to know that you made a positive impact on their lives and that is why I really love what I do with the Girl Scouts.”

Clay and Kara are also excited about what volunteers will be able to do for the girls with the new Member Community and Volunteer Toolkit. They are excited for even more teamwork to bring a better experience for girls and adults!

With questions, contact, or 812-421-4970

Meet the Staff: Troop and Service Unit Support


One of the best parts of Girl Scouts is that it is a support system. When girls try new things like rock climbing, kayaking, or selling cookies for the first time, they know they have a supportive family of Girl Scout sisters and leaders behind them.

We know that Girl Scout volunteers need that support system as well. That’s where Alyssa and Katy, our troop and service unit support, come in!

Each service unit is assigned either Alyssa or Katy as their support person, and their primary goal is to provide support at the troop and service unit levels to ensure that the needs of volunteers are met. They assist new troop leaders with the onboarding process and offer continued support throughout the year for new and current leaders. In addition, they will be responsible for developing adult learning resources, scheduling learning opportunities, and coordinating volunteer recognition and appreciation programs. On a larger scale, their vision is to create a network of leaders who are able to share ideas and function as a support team.

Both Alyssa and Katy are new to GSSI, but they were involved in Girl Scouts as girl members. Alyssa fondly remembers wearing her Brownie sash with her first troop, and Katy remembers proudly marching in a parade with her Girl Scout sisters.

When you see Alyssa or Katy in the office, at a Service Unit meeting, or anywhere else in the council, know that they are here to be your support system. Whether you’re a brand new volunteer, a long-time leader, or you’re just trying to figure out how the cookie sale works, Alyssa and Katy have your back!

With questions, contact, or 812-421-4970.

Meet the Staff: Membership Development


The Membership Development Team from left to right: Angie King, Hannah Daniels, Paige Mehringer, and Donna Hodge

Back-to-school season is in full swing! Although some students may be reluctant to leave the swimming pools behind and head back to the classrooms, there is something exciting and fresh about this time of year.  With crisp new notebooks and perfectly sharpened pencils, anything is possible in the new school year!

The start of the new school year is also an exciting time for our Membership Development Team! Angie, Hannah, Paige, and Donna are going back to school as well – to help girls become Girl Scouts!

Hannah and Paige, our membership recruiters, are the smiling faces out in your schools and communities. They are busy spreading the word about all the awesome opportunities Girl Scouts offers and teaching families how to register within our new system. They are the faces of Girl Scouts, which is fabulous since they both bleed Girl Scout Green. Paige has been a membership recruiter for several months, and Hannah was an after-school program intern before joining the Membership Development Team. They both have seen first-hand the great benefits Girl Scouts offers girls. “I could really see how much the girls had learned over the semester in Girl Scouts,” Hannah said. “The difference in friendships and attitudes compared to the beginning of the year was amazing! That’s when I knew I was making a difference.”

After Hannah and Paige meet interested girls and adults in the community, Angie and Donna ensure  that the Girl Scout experience they imagined comes true. As director of membership development, Angie leads the team. She oversees the development, implementation, and assessment of recruitment plans for girls and adults. She and Donna also work within Volunteer Systems to connect new girls and adults with troops or volunteer opportunities. They also manage background checks and maintain the Opportunity Catalog, which is a place members can go to find open troops or volunteer opportunities.

Just like a new school year brings changes, CEI is changing the way girls and adults join and find their place within Girl Scouts. However, the Membership Development Team is embracing the change, and they are ready to help everyone who is interested in being a part of Girl Scouts!

With questions about joining Girl Scouts, contact, or 812-421-4970.

Meet the Staff: Product Sales Manager, Retail Manager, and Director of Data Management

Girl Scouts and Girl Scout volunteers wear many hats. At one meeting, they may conduct a science experiment. At the next, they could learn a cultural dance, and next they might volunteer at an animal shelter.

GSSI staff members Melissa, Suzy, and Margaret understand wearing many hats! Last week they were introduced as the Customer Care Team. However, as excited as they are to be serving you as the direct line of contact at council, they are also excited about their individual roles as product sales manager, retail manager, and director of data management.


Melissa Rynkiewich, product sales manager

Melissa is happy to continue to serve you as the product sales manager. She is the go-to person for all things cookie! As cookie season approaches, Melissa takes care of recognitions, SNAP, cookie booths, and any other issues that may arise. However, she knows that she cannot do it all herself. “My favorite part of Girl Scouts is working with the service unit cookie chairs and all volunteers,” Melissa said. “Their passion and dedication make my job possible, and they make the benefits of the Girl Scout Cookie Program possible for the girls.”



Suzy Ingram, retail manager


Retail manager Suzy was involved in Girl Scouts as a girl member, and now she takes care of Katie’s Korner Shop. Patches, badges, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even cute flip flops are taken care of by Suzy. She handles shop orders and shop questions, and she is the smiling face greeting everyone who enters the shop each day!




Margaret Dennis, director of data management

Director of data management, Margaret, has a long history with Girl Scouts. She started as a volunteer and served in many different volunteer roles over 15 years, including second vice chair of the board of directors. When she joined the staff, she started as after school cookie coordinator, moved to adult learning specialist, followed by director of volunteer resources, and now, director of data management. Her new role is vital to CEI, which Margaret is very passionate about. “I am VERY excited about CEI and the opportunities it presents for staff and volunteers,” Margaret said. “In my new position, I will make sure that our volunteers have the support they need, when they need it. I want to ensure that every single volunteer feels valued and supported!”

To contact Margaret, Suzy, or Melissa, please contact, or 812-421-4970.