Meet the Staff: Recruitment, Placement, Customer Care, and Retail

DSC_1404 Spring has sprung here at GSSI! As the days get longer and flowers begin to bloom, we are dreaming of Bridging Ceremonies, carefree afternoons at camp, and the pride of recognizing our Highest Awards Recipients after their months of hard work.

We have three new faces who are excited to join GSSI just in time to experience it all!

If you visit or call the council office, you will probably meet Megan Leavitt first. She will be at the front desk as the new Customer Care and Retail Specialist. She brings over 15 years of  customer service experience with her, as well as a background in theater, cosmetology, makeup, and of course Girl Scouts! She loved camping, cooking over a fire, and badge earning with her Girl Scout troop.

Next up is Weston Whitehouse, who will take care of membership placement. He is responsible for placing girls and adults in troops and making sure volunteers are background checked and ready to go! He also has a weakness for Girl Scout Cookies….but who doesn’t?

Last but not least is April Hicks, our newest Membership Recruiter. April will be out in the community in the East River, North Warrick, Daviess-Martin, North Dubois, South Dubois, Spencer, and Perry Service Units telling girls and adults about Girl Scouts. It is near and dear to her heart since she loved being a Girl Scout and having her mom as her troop leader. Make sure to say hi to April if you see her in your community!

We are so excited to have Megan, Weston, and April on board! To contact GSSI, call 812-421-4970 or email


Want Stronger Leaders Tomorrow? Invest in Girls Today


What is the mark of a strong leader?

Is it the ability to inspire and transform? The ability think strategically and possess a peerless view of the future?  The ability to calm, listen and unite during challenging times? Ample reserves of confidence, integrity, fearlessness and grit? These are all important qualities to consider when assessing one’s capacity for leadership.

One factor that should not be in consideration? The gender of the leader.

At Girl Scouts, we are building the next generation of visionaries prepared to boldly assume the mantle of leadership. We must unite in the quest to expand leadership development for girls and young women—across race, class, and beyond. Indeed, providing even more girls with comprehensive, relevant leadership development opportunities will prove crucial to the vibrancy of tomorrow.

We see talented women who contribute their intelligence, passion, and expertise across the spectrum—and we need more. Girls represent a vital resource of remarkable potential that can―and must―be harnessed to the full benefit of humanity. At Girl Scouts, we approach this responsibility with the dedication it deserves, offering girls a foundation for leadership development.

Thank you – leaders, parents, volunteers, and champions for girls of all kinds for all you do to instill leadership qualities in our girls. We know your work with the leaders of tomorrow is vital and life-changing, not only for the girls as they grow into successful women of vision, but also for society as a whole as they go forth and make the world a better place. Thank you for investing in girls and in all of our future.



Meet the Staff: Our Newest Membership Recruiter



As we usher in a new year, it is fitting to take a moment to welcome our newest Membership Recruiter, Tiffany. Although Tiffany is new to the job of recruiting girls and adults in Posey, North West, North Central, North Warrick, Gibson, Pike, and Knox, she is a familiar face around the council.

Before she became a Membership Recruiter, Tiffany was an After School Program Intern. She assisted with the planning and implementation of various Girl Scout programs. Now, she is excited to help make more girls and adults aware of the wonderful opportunities at Girl Scouts they can be involved in.

Tiffany is excited to meet new people and give them opportunities they would not have without Girl Scouts. She looks forward to meeting you!

With questions, please contact, or 812-421-4970.

Meet the Staff: CEO


Autumn is a season of change. Children are in new grades and new Girl Scout levels, adjusting to new teachers, leaders, friends, and routines. The air is turning crisper, slowly but surely here in southern Indiana, and the leaves are turning from green to brilliant gold and brown before drifting to the ground.

There are also changes going on here at GSSI. We have had an exciting two weeks welcoming Aimee Stachura, our new CEO!

Although she is new to the CEO position, Aimee is not a newcomer to Girl Scouts. Her Girl Scout journey began in Evansville when she was in elementary school. Aimee was a proud member of a west side Girl Scout troop, and she still has her sash and membership card! In 2010 she found herself back at GSSI in the program department. In 2012 she became the Senior Director of Membership, Volunteerism, and Program.

Whether with Girl Scouts or in other capacities, working with youth has always been a major part of Aimee’s life. From 2014 – 2016, she served as Director of Children’s Ministry at First Christian Church in Evansville. She also has a passion for theater and has directed several EVSC theater departments including Reitz High School, North High School, and Thompkins Middle School.

“As a young woman, it’s so important to have positive female mentors who model behaviors, relationship skills, and careers that you can emulate,” Aimee said. As the mother of two young daughters, the importance of a strong, positive foundation for girls is personally important to her. “Girl Scouts offers a unique, girl-led environment where girls can discover more about themselves, what they stand for, and what they love to do. If every girl had a positive mentor, a strong group of peers, and the resources to take action in her community, imagine what the world would look like!”

We couldn’t agree more! To contact GSSI, please email

Meet the Staff: Director of Accounting and Human Resources, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Chief Operating Officer


All girls are different. Some have a flair for singing, some love baking tasty treats for others, some are happiest on the soccer field, and some have a passion for robotics. At Girl Scouts, those differences are celebrated. Girls may have different skills, but they can all work together to make the world a better place.

That is also the case with GSSI staffers Jessica, Madalyn, and Lucy. As the Director of Accounting and Human Resources, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Chief Operating Officer, all three have different responsibilities. However, they all work toward the common goal of giving our girls, volunteers, and families the best possible Girl Scout experiences!

As the Director of Accounting and Human Resources, Jessica is responsible for preparing the annual budget, providing monthly financial reports to the corporation’s departments and board of directors, processing accounts payable, reviewing and revising policies and procedures, and providing new employee orientation.  Jessica said, “My favorite Girl Scout memory was working directly with the volunteers and girls. Watching the leadership skills the girls  have developed over the past six years has been amazing!”

Madalyn, Director of Marketing and Communications, is also passionate about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. “Girl Scouts challenged me,” Madalyn said, “and I have seen so many girls get opportunities to try new things because of Girl Scouts.” She loves to share those opportunities through publications, social media, newsletters, the website, and media outlets.

Chief Operating Officer Lucy credits much of  her professional success to her Girl Scout experience. “I was a Girl Scout throughout my school years,” Lucy said. “My favorite memories are always of camp. I went for two weeks every summer.” Lucy is also a proud recipient of the Gold Award, which was called First Class when she earned it.

Although their jobs are different, Jessica, Madalyn, and Lucy all are happy to serve the volunteers, families,  and girls here at GSSI!

With questions, please contact, or 812-421-4970.

Meet the Staff: Fund Development


One day they may be working with other local businesses to organize a GSSI golf outing. The next day they could be earning badges with our donors at Night of Adventure, and the next they could be grilling hot dogs at the Camp Koch Open House. One thing is certain – it is never boring in the fund development department, and it is all for the girls!

Chief Development Officer Pat and Corporate and Foundation Giving Coordinator Lesley both have strong roots with Girl Scouts, and now they work hard to fund many programs and opportunities for the girls. Some examples include Camp Koch renovations, STEM programs, the Achieve troop, Realityapolis, Scouterships, and more!

Both Pat and Lesley joined Girl Scouts as Brownies, and they want today’s Girl Scouts to have the incredible experiences they had. Lesley remembers spending the night in the Evansville Museum with her Brownie troop, and Pat has many fond memories of selling cookies and singing camp songs at Camp Koch.

To keep those experiences and more going, Pat and Lesley work on grants, fundraising, donor relationships, and events. They are always looking forward to what Girl Scouts can explore and achieve next!

With questions, contact, or 812-421-4970.

Meet the Staff: Program


Here at Girl Scouts, everything we do is for the girls – and no one understands that better than the Program Department!

Director of Program Development Kara and Program Development Specialist Clay are excited to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to today’s Girl Scouts – and they know that today’s girls are more adventurous than ever before!

While Kara’s responsibilities include community partner programs, troop programs, events, camp, and awards, her favorite Girl Scout memories are chaperoning the 2015 Europe trip and the 2012 Girls’ World Forum in Chicago. By expanding travel opportunities to include Spain in 2018 and Australia in 2019, she is hoping to encourage girls to be global citizens!

Clay also understands that all girls are different, and that is why he is devoted to Alternative Program Development, or programs that are not troop related. He reaches out to girls through after school programs, summer outreach programs, Realityapolis, a financial literacy program, and Achieve, a troop for girls on the autism spectrum.

“My favorite memories of my time with Girl Scouts have been working with local community centers and having kids recognize me in the outside world,” Clay said. “I always have kids running up to me in the store to say how much fun they have when we visit. It feels amazing to know that you made a positive impact on their lives and that is why I really love what I do with the Girl Scouts.”

Clay and Kara are also excited about what volunteers will be able to do for the girls with the new Member Community and Volunteer Toolkit. They are excited for even more teamwork to bring a better experience for girls and adults!

With questions, contact, or 812-421-4970