Making a Difference One Girl at a Time


By: Susan Longest

As a Girl Scout troop leader, former Board Chair, and current Board Vice Chair, I have experienced first-hand the positive impact of all-girl programming in the lives of countless girls. At Girl Scouts, girls are in the company of friends in an inviting, girl-led space. I watched girls learn a simple truth – they are capable of accomplishing almost anything they set their minds to. In that all-girl space, they are free to be themselves, free to try new things, and free to take the lead.

Unsurprisingly, Girl Scouts knows that the secret to creating female leaders is starting young. The organization provides the best leadership experience for girls in the world, created specifically with and for girls. Most of a girl’s life is coed. Through Girl Scouts’ more than 100 years of experience giving girls the tools they need to empower themselves, girls find a safe haven free from the pressures and social anxieties that can come from a mixed-gender environment.

There is simply no other leadership experience in the world that can give girls the opportunities that Girl Scouts provides. More importantly, there is no other experience that fosters in girls those intangible qualities that are so endemic to personal development—courage, confidence, and character—and that also happen to be the cornerstone of the Girl Scout mission.

Simply put, Girl Scouts works.

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