Meet the Staff: Our Newest Membership Recruiter

  As we usher in a new year, it is fitting to take a moment to welcome our newest Membership Recruiter, Tiffany. Although Tiffany is new to the job of recruiting girls and adults in Posey, North West, North Central, North Warrick, Gibson, Pike, and Knox, she is a familiar face around the council. Before... Continue Reading →

Meet the Staff: CEO

Autumn is a season of change. Children are in new grades and new Girl Scout levels, adjusting to new teachers, leaders, friends, and routines. The air is turning crisper, slowly but surely here in southern Indiana, and the leaves are turning from green to brilliant gold and brown before drifting to the ground. There are... Continue Reading →

Meet the Staff: Director of Accounting and Human Resources, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Chief Operating Officer

All girls are different. Some have a flair for singing, some love baking tasty treats for others, some are happiest on the soccer field, and some have a passion for robotics. At Girl Scouts, those differences are celebrated. Girls may have different skills, but they can all work together to make the world a better place.... Continue Reading →

Meet the Staff: Program

Here at Girl Scouts, everything we do is for the girls - and no one understands that better than the Program Department! Director of Program Development Kara and Program Development Specialist Clay are excited to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to today's Girl Scouts - and they know that today's girls are more adventurous... Continue Reading →

Meet the Staff: Membership Development

Back-to-school season is in full swing! Although some students may be reluctant to leave the swimming pools behind and head back to the classrooms, there is something exciting and fresh about this time of year.  With crisp new notebooks and perfectly sharpened pencils, anything is possible in the new school year! The start of the... Continue Reading →

Meet the Staff: Customer Care Team

  Girl Scout volunteers are teachers, coaches, chefs, nurses, and cheerleaders all rolled into one. Teach Brownies how to make a delicious and healthy campfire meal? Check! Coach Cadettes as they master canoeing? No problem! Patch up a Daisy's skinned knee? All in a day's work! Our work here at council is to support volunteers and... Continue Reading →

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